The restaurant chain rollout about-face

So often it is said that brand is king especially when it comes to restaurant chain rollout. Yet in the face of fierce restaurant industry competition, big box fast food chains are being forced to put traditional branding back in its box and think outside the square instead. Modern consumers are showing a voracious appetite for fast-casual dining. So it is that contemporary restaurant chain rolls are infused with new forces like:

  • Innovation: chic engaging surrounds with imaginative cohesive themes and a wealth of different tactiles and textures. This is the new currency of restaurant chain rollout
  • Healthfulness: fresh seasonal and often local produce is fast becoming a mainstay of restaurant chain rollout. Yes, even for established fast-food chains and especially for emerging fast casual hot spots
  • Imagination: fast food no longer means boring and one-dimensional. Fast-casual challenger brands are setting the pace with imaginative widely varied menus that excite and delight in a hurry

In a nutshell, modern consumers want that exclusive immersive dining experience without having to sit and wait. Restaurant chain rollouts are being forced to change to fit the mould.

So how does the ‘new’ restaurant chain rollout look in action? Nando’s Canberra is certainly worth a look. Crisp uncluttered dining tells a tale of local rural and agricultural history sitting alongside raw nautical motifs. The restaurant chain rollout for Nando’s Canberra is exclusively for that store alone. Other Nando’s stores have their own locational and heritage tales to tell.

Restaurant chain rollout is no longer about trotting out the same tried and true elements. Instead, big box food chains are increasingly being forced to fall into step with their pioneering fast-casual challengers. Originality, individuality and sophistication are the foundation stones. Design Clarity specialise in achieving stand-out outcomes in the restaurant chain rollout revolution. Check out some of their recent work or give them some of your own insights.