The rise of retail technology in hospitality design

Technology makes the modern world go round and this is no less true of the retail market. Retail technology is a key enabler of enhanced customer experience. Progressively minded restaurant owners seeking to future-proof their establishments are increasingly turning to retail technology as a means to elevate operating efficiency, streamline service and brand loyalty high.

Retail technology delivers seamlessness of service that customers eat up by the plateful. Take Sushi Hon Izakaya’s tablet ordering system for example. Customers’ love of instant gratification is fed thanks to making a personal iPad available to every table. Customers can browse the wealth of Japanese delicacies at their leisure, weighing up choices including udon noodle bowls, bento boxes and trendy poke salads that are currently taking the eatery world by storm. Once they have made their selection, customers can order via iPad and have their order delivered directly to the kitchen. No more waiting for wait staff to take orders. Hungry customers have the added bonus of minimal wait times before their splendid Japanese cuisine hits their table too thanks to the direct line of ordering from patron to kitchen. This is retail technology at its finest.

Sushi Hon Restaurant Broadway adds another dimension to the tablet ordering system. In keeping with the fusion of modern and traditional Japanese dining, one of the brand’s ex-sushi chefs created a striking sushi graphic that is used as a home screen for the digital tablet menu. It also features in the premises as a breathtaking mural building brand story and recognition. In this way, retail technology can also be used as a way to enhance brand cut-through.

Retail technology brings the best of the web to the table of consumers who are spoilt for dining choice. Eliminating queues and ordering delays while minimising time-to-table are just three profound ways in which retail technology can revolutionise your restaurant as it has with Sushi Hon. Design Clarity are your expert retail technology partner so when you are ready to infuse this game-changing ingredient into your restaurant operation, speak with this team first.