Three signs of great coffee shop design

Coffee shop design is a masterful brew. Café culture is a true force of nature in our modern world. Not simply because hard-working time-poor people need to stay caffeinated but because coffee has become so much more than just a drink. Today, grabbing a coffee has become a whole indulgent experience in its own right.

Great coffee shop design does not happen by accident. Nor is this down solely to getting the right logo or look. Great coffee shop design is not even just about the coffee you serve. It goes beyond all of these factors to create a singular memorable experience that customers yearn to have over and over again. You know supercharged coffee shop design is at play when you see:

Immersive customer journey

What sends coffee lovers walking past some café doors and through others? The answer lies in the customer journey. Such journey begins well before the customer even enters your doors. First consider your streetscape. What points of appeal lie in this business asset? Convenient free parking, attractive shop front, visual brand story – all count for plenty when it comes to drawing people in. Once customers cross the threshold of your coffee shop, what next? Every nook and cranny of your premise must be insightfully thought out. Service flow must be smooth and seamless. Interior colours and décor should always match your target patron segment. Adding genuine homegrown local flavor to your coffee shop pays dividends, even if your shop is a chain store. When these factors are in play, great coffee shop design is right on track.

Visual brand story

Eyes have a direct link to the stomach. This is well established through a focus on aesthetically pleasing food. Just tune into MasterChef or My Kitchen Rules from time to time to see this principle in action. Now the stomach is in turn a primary decision-maker when it comes to choosing where to eat and drink. Moral of the story? Make your graphic communication a hard-hitter. Your entire coffee shop is a tangible 3D story book for your brand.  Express your service values and promise through everything from:

  • Simple yet stunning and informative merchandising displays
  • Compellingly appealing point of sale
  • Barista zone taking centre stage
  • Logo placement and color rollout
  • Sensory imagery to tantalise taste and smell

Flexible experiences

Great coffee shop design draws many different people through the doors. Not all will share the same experiential proclivities. Some will come in search of a quiet coffee nook tucked away from the rest of the world for a piece of caffeinated escapism. Others will come in droves eager for some merry socialising or productive business negotiations over coffee. A coffee shop that caters to all needs through adaptable seating arrangements exemplifies great coffee shop design.

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