Unleash sensory power in the retail environment

Customers are sensory beings. Buying behavior is heavily influenced by how the five senses are piqued, guided and engaged. So revolutionary retail environment design must craft a blueprint of sensory stimuli to create an unforgettable and irresistible customer journey.

No modern environment can afford to ignore the power of sensory stimuli. Insightful retail environment design goes beyond mere sight to engage all five senses at every opportunity. Every customer will have a multi-sensory experience of your retail store no matter what. Yet when the multi-sensory experience is strategically shaped and guided, your retail environment will really pop.

Much sensory branding is rather common practice already. Visual branding has been a mainstay of course with packaging, merchandise displays, ambient colour palettes and art choices. Music within a retail environment is also recognised as being similarly integral to building brand experience. Within a retail environment, retailers often seek to uplift and inspire customers with harmonies while fitting music to specific spaces

Least attention has traditionally been given to the power of scent in brand experience. Yet consider how customers can be wooed by smell. Scent achieves the most emotional response of all the five senses so its power in crafting retail environments is enormous. Emerging disciplines such as alignment of ambient scent and environmental stimuli craft a more cohesive unique brand experience. Indeed strategic use of scent can attract customers to important zones within a retail environment, encourage them to linger and guide them on the next step in their purchasing journey.

As always, retail environment design specialists, Design Clarity are at the forefront of revolutionary and emerging sensory branding techniques. For inspiration and a sensory exploration of what Design Clarity is already achieving for retail environments, take a look at the team’s portfolio of recent work including:

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