Vegan interior design gains vim

Veganism is not merely a dietary choice, it is a true social movement. One that is sweeping through the hospitality industry in multi-faceted ways. Having a vegan brand no longer simply means offering a vibrant vegan menu. Now you can literally build your vegan brand from grassroots up with vegan interior design.

Put vegan interior design on your branding menu

Natural cruelty-free materials are taking interior design by storm in the hospitality industry. There is a rapidly growing social conscience that is calling loudly for an end to animal testing and uptake of purer humane products. Naturally this social conscience pervades hospitality as more consumers look for clean, green, ethical vegan cuisine – and authentic vegan hospitality brands. Vegan interior design answers this call. If you have not already looked into vegan interior design, prepare to be amazed at the incredible finishes you can achieve in your eatery with not an animal product or by-product in sight.

Interior design is a major part of building your brand promise and story. So if veganism and a cruelty-free ethos are foundation stones of your hospitality business, here is your chance to show your customers your commitment through your physical premises. Vegan interior design uses materials that do not originate from any animal, contain no animal by-products and are not tested on animals. Some examples of vegan materials include:

  • hemp
  • linen
  • cotton
  • sisal
  • microfiber
  • polyester

On top of being the ethical choice, vegan interior design brings additional benefits to your hospitality business. Many animal or animal by-product based materials are treated with potent chemicals that can be toxic and linked to significant health issues. With stringent care expectations and regulations associated with food preparation, vegan interior design is a major selling point in your favour. By incorporating vegan interior design into your eatery, you can help keep yourself, your team and your customers safe, healthy and well.

How do I achieve vegan interior design?

Vegan interior design is a highly worthy course to pursue. Yet having the surety that you are using authentic vegan materials can take a lot of legwork. Running a busy hospitality  business means you probably don’t have this time to spare. Plus, without specialist knowledge, it is all too easy for subtle animal-based materials to slip in. Genuine vegan design gets right down to brass tacks by investigating the likes of paint, glue and lacquers.

The most effective and efficient way to achieve true effective vegan interior design is to work with a specialist like Design Clarity. All the hard work is done for you as the right designer will be fully across genuine vegan materials and suppliers. Plus you will pair your safe ethical materials with leading design expertise. That means your vegan brand will be powerful, resounding and authentic.