Interior Design Trends of 2017

Once a month, in our Friday winedown sessions a Design Clarity team member presents to the rest of our team on inspirational topics related to our field. All in the spirit of sharing and inspiring both creativity and curiosity. Last month, Anna from our London studio, who is now on maternity leave, shared with us her take on the latest (and her most favoured) interior design trends of 2017.

Terracotta – It is earthy, warm and a great base for other key accent colours such as teal, blush pink and kale green. It is coming back in a much sleeker and more stylish way, from soft terracotta paint to complement a modern Scandi-style scheme, to modern, minimalist terracotta vases, light fittings and tiles.

Peach, lavender blues and pink mixed with deeper shades – Nordic influences in design will continue to have a big impact on interiors and with the inclusion of some pale hues and natural finishes they work beautifully with a clean aesthetic.

Desert chic – With a focus on desert-style plants, warm pinks, dusty blues, rust and terracotta tones, desert  chic works well with light and airy white-painted rooms, Mexican and Southern American style textiles.

Art deco – Taking the best-bits of the Art Deco era and finishing them with modern colours and finishes to create super-luxe glamour. Think velvet chair in blush pink and mint green, black parquet flooring, statement lighting and a bit of bling with gold or brass accents on furniture and joinery.

Dark and moody paint colours – Deep black, slate grey, indigo blue and forest green walls become a great backdrop for bright colours to pop.

Big and bold florals – Beautiful floral motifs against dark backgrounds on textiles and wallpapers brighten darker spaces. Soft and romantic, in fashionable pinks, while adding touches of floral patterns to a room helps to add softness.

A focus on wall finishes – With much more of an emphasis on texture, material and pattern in design at the moment it is key to focus on interesting and unusual wall finishes, from painted murals to the use of textural panels, wood and even fabric.

Velvet – It is luxurious but soft and inviting and it makes colours richer and more vibrant. It will always be a go-to fabric for cushions and upholstery.

Glorious green – With Pantone announcing that the colour of 2017 was Greenery, interior designer have really embraces bringing green back into fashion. It can be used boldly or as subtly as desired and with the addition of indoor plants, life can be injected into the space.

Marvellous marble – It is that combination of something very natural and clean that is making marble come back into trend.

Curious cork – It is extremely environmentally friendly and the fashionable return of cork interiors is coming back from the 70’s.

Reflective surfaces of glass, mirror and metallics – The use of reflective surfaces has become popular with materials like coloured glass, pearl and mirror incorporated into furniture and joinery alongside warm metals like gold and brass. We will see these materials used in different ways with transparent or iridescent effects, taking advantage of natural light to bounce around a space.

Images are sourced from Pinterest.