Its gotta be… Bonds Sydney CBD

We are proud to see our work on heritage storytelling coming to life in the next generation of Bonds stores to open in Sydney. At the front of this store you’ll notice a nod to George A Bond who came up with the vision for good cotton basics back in 1915. You get to see snippets of the brand’s iconic advertisements over the years and a sampling of the logo evolution, constantly reinventing, staying ahead of fashion and culture of the times. There’s a retro cool instagrammable wallpaper/mirror wall in the fitting room zone. And the fitting rooms themselves speak of the familiar – Aussie backyards, hills hoists and beach huts.

The store layout unfolds slowly, with areas revealing themselves as you wander through. Something for everyone. The volume is more intimate, but with this scale comes a welcome opportunity to surprise and delight, allowing individual pockets for men, women & kids to explore.