Brand creation & brand reinvention – how to begin…

With a challenge.

Connecting your brand to your target audience

Whether you’re building a new brand from scratch or reinventing an established brand – the challenge remains the same.

Making the connection by bridging the communication gap between end user and brand.

First, understand your customer:

Who are they?

What do they perceive?

What do they need?

Second, understand your brand:

Know your proposition – what you offer that meets your customers needs

Know your personality – how you think and how you behave


Strong brands build emotional bonds. Emotional bonds develop through great experience.

A brand connects with people through unique brand expression, clever positioning, experience offer and staff culture. (Not simply slick graphic design)!

Combining 2D and 3D UX design principles for a holistic brand approach

UX is not simply for web. The same design thinking can be applied to physical space.

Building brand identity, digital platforms and branded environments together help connect brand to customers and forge a sustainable lasting impression.

The Briny is a Portsmouth seaside restaurant venue on the south coast of England – Brand strategy, brand identity, architecture and interiors by Design Clarity.