Design Inspirations

As designers, we are inspired every day.


We always look for inspiration to spark the fire for our creative work. We explore new design solutions, keep up with design trends and push our creativity. We’re keen to share some of our recent design finds!


Zhestkov.Studio is a digital art and design studio founded by media artist Maxim Zhestkov with partners. They work on the intersection of art, design and computer graphic and developing new forms of moving images.

Wink pendant by Houtique. Reminiscent of a winking eye, the collaboration with Masquespacio Studio brings the 1970’s to the future with fringes and gold.


CC-Tapis have some of the most Instagrammed rugs—Cartesio designed by Elena Salmistrato and Rotazioni designed by Patricia Urquiola. Photography by Andrea Bartoluccio.


Ben Young is New Zealand-born, Australia-based self-taught sculptor who works with glass and concrete to create works that appear to have been sliced out of the ocean. His sculptures are all hand-drawn, hand-cut and created out of clear sheet float glass that is layered with lamination.

See more of his work on his website. 


Gironella’s new access to the historic centre (Spain) – improving connectivity with the old town situated atop a 20-metre cliff.

The lift shaft uses three materials – the steel of the structure,  perforated brick laid on its side to create latticework,  and the glass facings of the lower level, creating a visual relation with the public space of the river.

See more here.