People’s Choice Banking for Life

The relocation and transformation of the Norwood People’s Choice into a new Lending and Advice Centre coincided with a brand refresh and a brand new look. This new home for People’s Choice in Norwood offers some of the creature comforts of home and some extra features too, like the communal People’s Lounge bar where members can recharge while they discover the tools they need to be financially fit.

We can’t wait to get over there to Adelaide and experience this site in person!

How do we start?

We watch, listen and learn.
We like to immerse ourselves in order to better understand how to build the best experience for everyone.

In our initial research and insights phase Design Clarity works on the following four steps: 1. Client data 2. Observations 3. Benchmarking 4. Megatrends – as our building blocks of the design DNA, leading into on-site or virtual team workshops with the Client to co-design solutions for high priority branch design challenges.

See here more about People’s Choice and how they plan to always be banking for a better tomorrow.