Our Top-10 of eco-friendly materials, inspiration & initiatives promoting sustainable living

We want to take a moment to share our pick of links (near and far) for sustainable materials, inspiration, initiatives and more. We are regularly trawling the internet in search of the latest and greatest in design finds.

We believe in the good old ethos of  “sharing is caring”, so here’s our latest pick of 10 websites you may want to bookmark and explore – listed for your viewing pleasure in no particular order.

  1. Betta Stone benchtops made from 100% recycled glass
  2. A clever little bird detecting measuring indoor air quality by Velux in Denmark – see image from Velux below and more here
  3. Beautiful acoustic panelling from Sweden
  4. The world’s first recycled acrylic from Italy
  5. Good plastic – 100% recycled and 100% recyclable
  6. Eco edition for all things sustainable
  7. The Green List A sustainable solutions marketplace
  8. The Footprint Company and The Green Book for embodied carbon reduction materials resource and calculator tools
  9. Not just for July – Get involved at Plastic free July
  10. Insight into the world of Biomimicry at asknature.org


Image by Dan Lewis on Unsplash

‘Kaleidoscope’ 2020 Coastal microplastic flatlay 120×100 cm