Destination Design: Michelberger Hotel – Berlin, Germany

Gritty and creative, Berlin is the world’s capital of cool. Affordable artist space and a unique constantly evolving scene ensure that the once divided German capital is a hot-bed of creative talent from around the globe, a fact that will no doubt guarantee the success of 31 year old Tom Michelberger’s new venture, The Michelberger Hotel. Born of a vision to create a hotel that is “as creative as an ad agency”, The Michelberger throws modern hotel convention to the wind…. as Michelberger himself says, “Perfection does not create memories, because memories only result from movement, from a lively experience of interaction – with people, the surroundings and the atmosphere.”
Blending the best of hostel and hotel, everywhere you look there is creativity, personality, humour and radical individuality. Odd bits of furniture, bare concrete walls, books, magazines and more books…. the space is as unique as you will see in an International hotel and truly one that cannot be reproduced again. One-off lampshades made from vintage books, unique wallpaper and televisions that play a custom-created loop of films and clips…. every last detail has been treated with a peerless creativity, even down to the roomkeys and playful do-not-disturb signs. If you’re looking for a hotel experience that is truly like no other, try The Michelberger… in a city that is truly like no other.