Design Clarity Winter Wish List…

For this festive season, Design Clarity is combining the old with the new to create our team wish list. The word “send” has evolved over time and has gone from being a tangible action (sending a letter) to a virtual concept (sending an email). Design Clarity windows this month display comments on this duality between the traditional means (brown paper envelopes) and modern technologies (QR codes) and how wishes can now be sent…

Design Clarity would like to help you create your winter wish list. We’ll let you in on some of our wishes…

universal shortcut keys
a beard to rival santas
for form to follow fun
a miniature giraffe
pack of ten 0.1 felt tip pens
vision night goggles
an end to movie sequels
a superman cape
for size not to matter
everyday to be market day
to be part of the goonies
a magic carpet
a game of life size monopoly
to value real over replica
a driver (or ryan gosling)
an email filing fairy
ice skating at somerset house
less greyness more sunshine
to use less paper
heart-shaped pancakes every morning
fresh bed linen everyday
to still believe in santa

Design Clarity cannot guarantee success granting all wishes. We can, however, guarantee to offer creative solutions for all your needs.