Chipper Branding in Leicester Square

Design Clarity has been working for one of our London clients on the new branding of a fish & chip shop in famous Leicester Square.

The brief included finding a name and creating a brand identity that would stand out in the craziness of Leicester Square, one of the busiest areas of London. The name had to pop, be inviting, but also memorable for customers to make sure the name springs to mind to guarantee return visits. Of course, the fish & chips on offer have to be brilliant too!

Both Design Clarity studios had fun to brainstorm name options. The client and the team narrowed it down to a few favourites: Fish & Chipper, Fish Square, Fish Tales & Brit Fish. All a reference to the product itself but also to the location, the origin & long-lasting tradition behind British takeaway fish and chips.

With the shop being located in such a busy and visually “loud” area, we opted to keep the design very simple and clean, positioning the brand subtly but strongly on its own ground, without trying to compete with the rest of the shopfronts.

The choice was finally narrowed down to one concept for two different names, from which we developed a brand identity and business collateral including packaging, uniforms & menus.

Fish & Chipper has an “old school” feel to the name. It is reflected in the logo using a vintage fish gravure, and a more traditional font. Fish Square references the site and is more reliant on graphics elements in keeping with the busy location.