Fancy a Room in London?

High up on the roof of Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, a small vessel will perch throughout 2012. Described as  an observatory, a retreat and a studio, ‘A Room for London’ is a one-bedroom installation providing guests with a place of refuge and reflection amidst the flow of traffic at this iconic location in the capital during the Olympic year (as part of the London 2012 Festival).

The intimately sized structure inspired by Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness and built by Living Architecture is the result of a collaboration between David Kohn Architects in collaboration with the artist Fiona Banner.

It is available to rent by the public for night-long stays throughout 2012. During the year it will also transmit a programme of writing, performance and music. In a one third-two thirds split, the pod will given over to artistic types (10 days a month) and the paying public (20 guests a month).

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