Honor & Folly Bed and Breakfast

When Meghan McEwen – the founder of beautiful design-travel blog Designtripper – decided to open up her own B&B, there was only ever really going to be one outcome. It’s exactly the sort of homely, neighbourhoody, unpretentious, design focussed little place that you’d have expected to see on the blog’s pages.

“Designtripper explores the intersection of travel and design with genuine curiosity and good taste. We put authenticity, character, and thoughtful design before hi-definition plasma TVs, iPod docking stations and in-room jacuzzis”, reads the website’s about page, and it could easily have been cribbed for the same page on Meghan’s new business’s website. Homed in Detroit’s oldest neighbourhood, Honor & Folly is dripping in rustic Americana, decorated with the works of local artisans and designers, and promising to act as a part-time shop, cooking school and multifunctional creative space, as well as opening up its two bewitching bedrooms to guests.

Refined, charming, tasteful, executed with seemingly effortless poise… it’s an inspiring example of doing what you know best.

HONOR & FOLLY website: here
DESIGN TRIPPER website: here
Text via WeHeart.co.uk