Vodafone – national rollout

In early 2013 Design Clarity was appointed by Vodafone Australia as the new sole retail designers for all things Vodafone across the nation.

We’ve been busy working on a number of new retail stores and kiosk sites across the Vodafone network, as well as coming up with innovative new ideas for branding and accessories concepts.

It’s been a whirlwind of efficiency as our design teams across two studios fine-tooth-comb their way through the design docs, rationalise the approval process, chat with engineers, certifiers, landlords and anyone else who’ll listen to us along the way.
The first of the new sites in our Vodafone rollout are now open. Woohoo!

And are we all happy? Yes we are. Nice work team Vodafone. It’s been a blast kicking off this project and we’ve built up a tight working team. Lots more to do – and there’ll be more evolution in sites to come! So watch out for what’s coming up next in retail from Vodafone.