Optimistic, genuine, inclusive and free-spirited. This description formed part of the design brief for new stores in the national Bonds retail rollout program for Pacific Brands by Design Clarity.

Design Clarity was asked to communicate their unique brand message in-store: We’re Bonds and we’re Australia. We’re good design for all.

It was important to showcase the fashion to reflect their inspiring design philosophy, which Bonds describes to be look-good & feel-great products that inspire to let you be your natural, spontaneous self.

The Bonds retail presence is evolving. With brand new stand-alone retail stores in key locations. Careful consideration is being given to simplify the brand in the retail environment, making it easy to understand the Bonds product ranges, reflect the true brand DNA, and offer easy shopping for everyone.

There’s an honesty and purity in the current design, realised with a new and refined, pared back materials palette after a detailed design review process at each new site.

They believe great things should be shared. This is why they want to be Australia’s most loved brand, globally. So the world can feel as good as we do, everyday.