Magnet coat hangers – ‘Cliq’ | Retail trending 2015

These clothes hangers by German-Latvian creative agency Flow Design don’t feature hooks, instead of attaching to the underside of any metal surface with magnets.

The ‘Cliq’ resembles a standard hanger in size and proportion but doesn’t have the hook section that traditionally attaches the hanger to a rail. In its place sits a powerful magnet that can attach to any metal surface, be it flat or circular.

The strength of attraction can support garments weighing up to two kilograms. To use the Cliq, users simply move the hangers close to the metallic surface and the magnetic force will draw the two together, making a satisfying click when they meet.

Available in natural birch, black, or white, the hangers can be slid along the surface with a swipe of the hand.

By eliminating the hook, the design saves six centimetres of vertical space on average. Another property of the magnets means that two hangers will naturally repel each other, creating an even gap between each garment.

The hangers can be individually branded with engraving, labels or pad printing, and can be purchased from the agency’s website.