MakersCafe, London

Today the London team took a few minutes out of our busy schedule to check out a café, which we have been hearing rumours about in Shoreditch, a 3D printing café called MakersCafe.

Naturally, we will take any opportunity to grab a really good quality coffee in a well thought out interior space, however MakersCafe have another string to their bow, they offer 3D printing services and laser cutting on their various in-house machines which cater for everyone from ‘digital whizz kid’ to an intrigued local. This is just another example of how 3D printing is becoming much more available to a mass consumer market, with an insatiable appetite for mass customised and open-source products and services. MakersCafe help put even the most novice maker in the driving seat of creative innovation. They even offer a host of introduction drop-in courses to guide you through the process.

MakersCafe is also prime example of how bricks and mortar shops and cafés are evolving into more experiential lifestyle spaces to attract a new breed of shopper.