Trend Watch- 2016

As a global design team, we read, explore and nose around to find the latest innovations to keep our work for our clients as future-proof as possible. Here are the trends that will become big this year.

Retail Industry: First- technology – who didn’t get a piece of wearable tech this Christmas? Tech is everywhere. Apple Pay has now hit supermarkets and has partnered up with most banks to enable customers to use it and soon the other competition will follow. We’re seeing PayPal Here Chip Card reader, Mercury, Poynt, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. They use NFC (near-field communication) as well as chip & pin and magnetic strip methods.

Secondly, frictionless shopping i.e. seamless omnichannel. Amazon has created a button, which you press so that re-ordering an item is made as simple as possible. Also, Starbucks has consolidated the information each customer needs into an app- to make their loyalty scheme work better. Within the app, they can promote products, show available rewards, offers and coupons. Apple is also present in this sector with their mobile wallet, which automatically detects NFC readers so consumers don’t even have to pick up their phone or go to a specific app.

Thirdly, the loyalty programs we know today are on the way out, consumers are driving a bespoke reward system that is of course mobile-based.

Fourthly; heating up competition in food retail is Amazon Prime who are moving into grocery shopping. You can order milk, frozen pizza or loo roll, and it will be there within the hour. Let’s see how Ocado and Tesco can compete with that!

Hospitality Industry: Where do we start? So many things are happening in this sector already so here is the shortlist…

First; tech to pay- we covered this already in our previous blog HERE

Secondly, Supper Clubs – premium-dining experiences for intimate groups of foodies are becoming hugely popular in the UK- if you know where to find them. Often in secret locations like hosts ‘Gingerline’ who choose locations along the London Overground network. Previous immersive experiences by this organization include a Hackney spaceship and secret garden. Also look up Berry Bros and Brunswick House SOS although they are all incredibly popular.

Thirdly, Ubereats – order your food from top restaurants (only some cities are signed up, for example, Paris and several cities in the US). Like Deliveroo in the UK but within 10 minutes? We’ll have to go to Paris or America to try it out and give you the actual reality with that one.

Finally and food-wise we are getting a lot healthier and a lot more caring of our environment. We are demanding more vegetables and less pasta – spiralised vegetables are on the menus in Italian restaurants and even reports from Italy says less pasta is being eaten.

What trends do you think will become big this year? Let us know what your thoughts below. Thanks for reading.