Cairo Festival City Mall | Egypt

Cosmopolitan Design Essence for Cairo Development

Design Clarity worked closely with the retail development team within Al Futtaim Group in Egypt to fulfil this unique brief for the Cairo Festival City mall.

The developers were decisive about appointing a global retail design agency and not relying solely on local contributors, to truly reflect the global aspirations for the centre, and to attract the world’s premium retailers.

We designed a family of Specialist Leasing Elements to suit the architecture of the prestigious retail development and the cosmopolitan essence at Cairo Festival City. One consistent design language was established which was then adapted to all micro tough points within the retail environment, such as service counters, information zones, ATM enclosures, marketing displays, kiosks and external retail merchandising units or RMUs. The design team visited the site (from our London and Sydney offices) during the project for briefing meetings with the two appointed joinery firms, and again for final defects inspection at practical completion.