Banking design and technology: building bold new faces

Banking design and technology are making certain that banking does not look the same anymore. And the way banking works has changed forever. Think People’s Choice Credit Union (PCCU) as an example. PCCU is infused with cutting edge banking design and technology to deliver enhanced customer experience and interactions that are hard to beat. Other banks and lenders are swiftly following suit, opening up a brave new world for the banking sector in Australia and around the world.

Fear and loathing in the banking trip is no longer. Now customers are enjoying a transformative fusion of banking design and technology that flips the traditional banking experience on its head. The design concept delivered by Design Clarity for PCCU was: “Mine. Yours. Ours.”

Staid unwelcoming institutionalised surrounds have given way to relaxing ‘mood music’, personal greeting by concierge, smart ATMs and dedicated feedback pods. Coffee flows freely, literally, as customers can caffeinate without paying a cent. Then there are the free newspapers to read, iPads to keep the kids entertained and coin-counters so customers can complete their transactions quickly and efficiently.

One banking design and technology measure that PCCU has implemented is a precinct approach. Walk into a PCCU branch and you can head to a clearly defined personal, communal or social precinct. Semi-private meetings take place in comfortable booths akin to those everyone vies for in upmarket cafes.

Upping the ante on customer service facilitated through smart banking design and technology. All PCCU staff are armed with tablets to help customers get onto internet banking and make digital payments on the spot. These tablets are also terrific at showcasing products and services to customers live and in real time.

One of the key strategies of banking design and technology is to shift priority from profit to customer experience. Leveraging technologies like tablets, on-the-spot internet banking and smart ATMs, banks like PCCU are able to increase member interactions.