Brand strategy: The human face of strategy in 2019

Brand strategy is all about getting to the heart of your brand so you can reach the hearts of your consumers. So consider who defines those key first encounters between a consumer and your business. It is your employees, particularly those front-line customer-facing staff members. In essence, your employees are the human reflection of your brand. This makes staff integral to your brand strategy.

Your brand strategy is not just for your external audiences.

Value your employees as highly as you value your consumers and craft a brand strategy that speaks to them. Persuade your employees with all the colour, vibrancy and creativity that you would pour into a consumer branding campaign. Introduce your brand to your employees and get them fully acquainted. Describe all associated brand values then link these inextricably to all everyday employee touchpoints. By crafting this immersive brand experience for your employees, you will achieve a team who are instinctive brand ambassadors for your business.

Marketing alignment is key too.

Make sure your internal and public messaging aligns. If your employees are being told one thing but see your consumers being told another, they will lose trust in your business integrity. This spells doom to your branding strategy. Instead, you want to align your employees around your ideas, initiatives and campaigns. In doing so, you will give them something to buy into, share and aim for.

Your employees are the people who bring your brand to life for your consumers. So they are a key market to include and prioritise in your brand strategy. When your team cares about your business, they represent your brand with energy, authenticity and enthusiasm. Design Clarity are brand strategy experts with a proven track record of successful internal marketing. Speak to Design Clarity today or check out their recent branding projects: