Fast emerging food trends 2020

Right now, it is fast times in food trends. In Part 1 of this two-part story series, we looked at four key pub food trends that are paving the path to 2020. But food trends 2020 are by no means limited just to pubs. Here we look at four wider trends that every dining establishment can leverage.

  1. Say yes to sustainability: modern food patrons are attracted as much by zero waste commitment as by flashy dining options. Showcase sustainability in your food establishment wherever you can. Invest in a kitchen garden to grow your own ingredients. Patrons may like to view or walk through your kitchen garden if space and logistics allow. As our earlier story Power up your menu with pub food trends said, put paid to plastic and disposable dining accessories. Partnerships are a great way to stay at the forefront of trends. Why not look at collaborating with donation businesses such as OzHarvest?
  2. Bring on the brunch: you do not need to be a hip modern café to serve up brunch-time brilliance. Food trends 2020 are set to see pubs and clubs jumping on the brunch bandwagon to monetise this already popular concept. So give cafes a run for their money and bring brunch to your menu!
  3. Tech talk: did somebody say “free wifi”? Well according to food trends 2020, every food establishment owner should be saying and offering just that. Keeping your patrons connected will keep them in your premises for longer – and will increase the spend per customer. Including charging stations, easy laptop use zones and communal spaces that people can use to work either collaboratively or on their own
  4. Kick off fun for kids: families are wonderful patrons to attract. They bring greater headcount and many bring groups of families into your establishment. So how do you ensure every family member enjoys a memorable dining experience at your establishment? Prioritise use of your premises space to include room for kids play zones. Then put a savvy experienced design team on the job to custom-design the best kids play zone possible for your establishment. Kids play zones are a major factor in food trends 2020.

So there concludes our two-part series of food trends 2020. Design is a major factor in putting your premises in prime position to capitalise on food trends 2020. Fortunately Design Clarity has a proven track record of revolutionising food establishments to capture new and increased market share, diversify service offerings and pioneer food trends of their own. Speak with our team today or take a look at some of our recent work. You will see great responsiveness to food trends 2020 in projects like: