Pub food trends are moving menus to break new ground

Why should fashion have all the fun? Pub menus have just as much opportunity to shake up the style tree – and many already are. Whet your appetite for progressive dining experiences with top pub food trends for 2020. Welcome to the first of our two-part series outlining eight food trends for 2020. Here are four top pub food trends that are fast emerging:

  1. ‘New cool’ dining experiences: one of the biggest movers and shakers in pub trends is how food is served to patrons. Old-school traditional dining rooms have had their day. In 2020, pubs are set to wear many hats. Think a diversity of cuisine, price points and service options all within the one establishment. Nourish greater patron catchment through smart pop-ups and food trucks. Offer pub food through street food style service. Food trends 2020 demand pub owners to branch out big and get imaginative in their use of their premise.
  2. Put plastic down for good: plastic is hard-pressed to find a place in emerging pub food trends. With patron focus on sustainability and zero waste, pub owners are called on to radically reduce plastic. So say goodbye to plastic straws or takeaway containers.
  3. Give your menu a make-over: pub food trends are moving menus to break new ground. Good old-fashioned pub meals no longer stand alone. Spearhead food trends by giving your menu a make-over to include a host of healthy options. Jump on the paddock to plate movement, showcase local produce, highlight free range options and consider a choice of smaller tapa style meals.
  4. Refurbish with relish: remember the days of the old-school pub with dark rooms, old-fashioned furnishings and questionable carpet choices? Latest trends tell us it is time for fresh thinking. Entice patrons in your pub by creating spaces they cannot resist. Think open kitchens where meal preparation can almost become a theatrical performance. Bright energetic kids play zones, outdoor beer and wine gardens, wide choice of seating zones, rooftop dining spaces plus wifi connectivity. All these are food for thought when refurbishing in line with trends.

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