Lead the millennial pub design movement

Millennials on your menu of target pub patrons? You will want millennial pub design on your side. As the new generation of pub and hotel-goers, millennials have proclivities and influencers all their own. But that does not make them an impenetrable market. The right millennial pub design knows that the following factors are key to making your establishment’s millennial appeal:

  • Millennials love food: plate up exceptional food offerings and beverage pairings as a way to millennials’ hearts…and Instagram. Even before taking a bite, you will likely see millennial pub-goers happily snapping photos of their chosen dish. All ready to be posted on Instagram and other social media. If your food offerings are going to light up the social media space, be sure to show your pub in its best light. Good pub design styles spaces to stir excitement and engagement with your establishment. So you can bring more millennials through your doors
  • Keep it kind on the pockets: yes, millennials seek quality compelling pub experiences. But they also want these to be affordable. Many millennials will go where the drinks promotions are. So interweave plenty of dynamic drinks promotions into your design
  • Go ‘old school’: millennials are the modern generation of today. Yet you’ll find that a healthy pouring of “old school” charm or kitsch is a winning for design that attracts them. Think juke boxes, pinball machines, pool tables and more
  • Do digital well: millennials demand up-to-date tech! So a major part of their pub design is a smart clear website that performs just as well on mobile devices. Remember, many millennials will be using their phone to search for places to go. The faster they can connect with all key details about your pub, the more likely they are to choose your establishment. Credit card options are a must too as many millennials do not carry cash. If you can offer Apple Pay and Samsung/Android Pay, all the better. Pop your menu online, complete with prices and download options

Make your move on millennials and make it powerfully! Millennial pub design holds the key to compelling this dynamic game-changing generation. Speak with experienced millennial pub design specialists, Design Clarity. Or start by taking a look at their portfolio of recent projects including: