Oh so agile shop designers

Shops are like people. They come in all different shapes, sizes and types. As such, skilled shop designers know that one approach simply cannot fit all retailers. Indeed, every retail niche has design requirements each its own. Within specific sectors too, every individual retailer has at least one unique aspect that sets it apart from others. It is the role of shop designers to tailor retail design solutions that pluck out points of difference and fit the specific retailer like a glove. Design Clarity excels at this art.

It is quite simple really. Fashion retailers clearly have different design needs and aims to banking retailers. Their brand and offer must each speak to entirely distinct audiences. Same goes for technology retailers in comparison to lifestyle stores and so on. Design Clarity shop designers insightfully deliver unique expression of your retail brand and environment customised to fit your target market. Across Australia, UK and beyond, this specialist team has amassed an impressive project portfolio that extends beyond simply brand and interior design to encompass:

  • Point of Sale strategy and solutions
  • High impact visual merchandising
  • Eye-catching shop-in-shops
  • Engaging pop-ups and kiosks
  • Master-planned and delivered shop-fits plus design and build

Design Clarity shop designers are well-versed in diverse sectors. A quick dip into their client list is testament to this.

Take Westpac’s flagship head office retail branch in Melbourne for a start. Here, shop designers borrowed vibrant aspects of Melbourne’s lifestyle, architecture, culture and attitude to inspire a distinct identity for Westpac. Individuality is celebrated, interaction is invoked and exploration is encouraged in Westpac’s new space. Design factors like a 24/7 interactive lobby space, discovery zone with free tablets, wifi and coffee plus a breathtaking retail merchandising platform known as the ‘future wall’, all demonstrate Westpac’s commitment to taking attentive servicing of diverse clients to new heights.

Lexmark is another major brand that bears the hallmark of Design Clarity shop designers. Smack in the heart of Birmingham, UK, Design Clarity rolled out a bold futuristic expression of Lexmark’s offerings. Ascending top illuminated plinths were employed as innovative retail merchandising displays to showcase Lexmark printer ranges. Warm timber panels are inscribed technology inspired graphics, each aligned to a different range within the Lexmark line-up. In essence, our shop designers crafted a striking visual language with which to communicate the pioneering customer experience that Lexmark extends.

So there you have it. Shop designers who treat every retail client as an exciting blank canvas. Design Clarity is the name you can trust for revolutionary retail design. Many others have done so before you, including clients such as: