Retail banking design: the power of reinvention

Retail banking design is a revolutionary force. Even the most traditionally institutionalised sectors can and are wielding this power of reinvention. That is why retail banking design transformations are a trend that the world is set to see more of.

Banking has long been a sector where price reigned supreme. Retail banking design ushers in a new age of priorities. Standing at the fore now are strong long-standing customer relationships based on meaningful transactions and impeccable service. Retail banking design does not just name customer service as chief priority. Rather, this discipline builds such service into the physical branches and intangible spirit of a bank.

Metro Bank is forging ahead, continually opening new branches. Metro Bank recognises that its branches provide a vital channel through which to reach out and build relationships with its customers. Branches are the heart of a bank’s service offer and delivery. When customers receive exceptional convenience, personalised service and smooth seamless satisfaction of their goals, they relish interactions with their bank. This means loyalty, repeat business and strong relationships between bank and customer.

Metro Bank focuses on delivering unparalleled convenience and service for its customers, right from their first encounter. Recognising that many customers cannot make it to the bank within regular working hours, Metro offers extended opening hours from 8am-8pm, seven days a week. Drive-through banking is also a huge hit, meaning customers can perform several banking transactions without even having to step out of their car.

The transformative hand of retail banking design is everywhere you turn at Metro Bank. Even before you step inside a Metro Bank branch, the premises is remarkably distinct:

  • Unique banking hall layout with no cubicles, walled meeting spaces or cramped service areas
  • Open, airy, contemporary textiles with plenty of glass
  • Visible customer journey mapping using black tiles on white to designate direct routes to service zones
  • Lollipops are on offer to keep children happy and even dog treats are available to pooches visiting with their owners
  • Up-to-the-minute technology offering customers conveniences like access to new accounts, fully functioning credit cards and online banking applications all set up on the spot within minutes

Plus, it has these convenience features:

  • Puppy friendly
  • Longer hours and weekends so people who work can actually visit
  • Toilets in branch for customers
  • Safety deposit boxes

Retail banking design is an influential disruptor. Where you see banks prioritise customer service, reimagine traditional banking spaces and make customers feel welcome and important from word one, that is retail banking design at work.