Shopping centre design with wow

Shopping centres are no longer simply a place to purchase goods. Today, shopping centres are expected to be destinations in their own right. Somewhere that everyone from avid foodies to eager bargain-lovers find satisfaction. People-watchers, those simply seeking an oasis from the daily grind, an alternative destination for a lunchtime work meeting and anyone looking for a good cup of coffee are not to be left wanting either. So how does the modern shopping centre achieve these multiple tall orders? Shopping centre design plays a pivotal role.

When it comes to stellar shopping centre design and retail mall upgrades with a proven record of success, speak with Design Clarity first. Or why not start off by considering these three ways to wow consumers with shopping centre design:

Do dining brilliantly
Remember the ‘old school’ food court? Set that notion aside. Strong shopping centre design recognises the powerful synergy between retail and dining. Now the dining offerings of a truly progressive shopping centre can often be found on the outer edges of the complex. Here, natural light can stream into dining spaces and views can be optimised. What is more, while fast food kiosks still have their place in shopping centres, authentic dining precincts deliver fully fledged restaurants, cafes and bars featuring fine fresh seasonal produce, dynamic menus and much more.

Get social

True shopping centre design places retail hand in glove with entertainment and social opportunities. Successful shopping centres deliver inviting stimulating spaces in which people want to spend time, meet with family and friends and soak up all the centre has to offer. Strategic placement of restaurants and cafes is again important in this regard as are appealing meeting spaces, vibrant school holiday programs and a well thought-out line-up of social opportunities.

Stay tech-savvy
Technology is a terrific lever that supports shopping centre design. From something as simple as offering patrons free wifi to delivering a handy smartphone app to update patrons with all the latest and greatest retail offers and events, technology talks to your consumers in a way that excites them and keeps them heading through your shopping centre doors in hoards.

Design Clarity have an impressive portfolio of local and international shopping centre design and mall upgrade projects. Speak to this specialist team today to shore up the strength of your retail development or take a look at some of their most recent work, including: