Sizzling trends in restaurant design Sydney

Restaurant design Sydney can reward you with supercharged brand equity. To enjoy the fullest fruits of cutting edge restaurant design Sydney, it pays dividends to work with the best. Design Clarity has an impressive portfolio of restaurant design projects spanning Australian metropolitan centres like Sydney and also the UK. Want to whet your appetite for tantalisingly trendy yet strategically future-proofed restaurant interiors? Here are some hot tips that are firing up the furnace of restaurant design Sydney.

Magical materials

Choice of interior materials abounds yet it takes specialist understanding to make selections that hit the mark. Distressed timbers and recycled materials are all the rage right now in restaurant design Sydney. Consider the Tramsheds in Sydney where Design Clarity recently worked its magic. Many of the charms boasted by the heritage-listed building have been retained in full splendor. The sawtooth roof, exposed brick walls and vintage décor make for irresistibly quirky surroundings full of character – and consequently, full of patrons.

Think theme

Who doesn’t love a great theme? Themed interiors are taking restaurant design Sydney by storm. Wild Food Natural Health Market in Sydney brings a passionate twist on natural and organic health foods. Part café and part bulk-buy produce market, the theme of ‘wild food’ is everywhere you turn from natural crates to the feast of fresh product on display. Don’t feel forced to go full throttle on a theme though. Something as simple as being a dog-friendly establishment or having a bounty of books on hand for quiet patron reading can more than suffice.

Shake up the seating

Simple yet oh so effective. Restaurant design Sydney finds mismatched seating absolutely delicious. Pair a set of matching dining chairs with bench seating along a designated wall. The possibilities are endless.

Explore restaurant design Sydney in greater detail and see what the possibilities this holds for you. Check out Design Clarity’s recent work in the field, which includes: