The Future of Workplace Design, Part 2: With Millennials in Mind

The future is now. At an astonishing 73 million, Millennials make up the largest workforce in history, even beyond the baby boomer generation. Because of this, employers must have a workplace design that is more unique and personal than ever. Here are three practical ways to design your work environment to meet the needs of this particularly innovative and unique generation.

Bye Bye Cubicle

Cubicles are an absolute no-no for Millennials. This doesn’t mean that they require a completely open-space work environment, but it needs to be a little more creative than that: opt for a flexible workplace design that encourages all types of personalities. Millennials want to have a community-oriented environment but also quiet areas where they can escape collaboration and distraction. Adding dynamic pleasure areas, such as ping pong tables and sports spots provides a unique work environment for any Millennial.

Health and Motivation

Millennials put major emphasis on health and wellness, and the workplace needs to reflect that. It’s no secret that sitting at desks for too long is bad for your overall physical and mental health, so inspire physical movement in the office by providing sit-stand desks and areas that encourage movement breaks. If it’s possible, try to create an outdoor area that is available for work and socialization. Adding live plants and other decorative greenery to the office space makes it more attractive and provides clean oxygen.

Technology Gurus

Since Millennials have grown up using technology daily, they need to have the proper technology to entice and encourage them. Investing in cutting edge technology shows them that you’re progressive, and it also provides them with the means of using their technological skills in moving the business forward. Interestingly, research has shown that Millennials have better technology at home than they do in the workplace. Keeping up with the technology trends comes with a pretty price tag, but doesn’t mean you have to go broke. To be more inclusive, consider a collaborative effort on what pieces of technology they would want as a company within a certain budget.

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