Three tips to brand creation brilliance

Three tips to brand creation brilliance

As a fledgling business, brand creation is pivotal groundwork. The modern branding landscape is less about the brand itself and more about how consumers relate to the brand. For today’s consumer, it is a matter of “all about me” rather than “all about the brand”.  So trust is built on the individual association a consumer has with your brand rather than the credentials of your brand itself. In an earlier DC Insights article, we discussed the importance of being real in your brand strategy. Building on that, we discuss here the crucial process of brand creation to build trust and get your customers caring about your brand. Here are three key tips to strong brand creation:

1. Speak in a real voice
Dialogue with your consumers is key to building trust. It is important to interweave the human element into your brand creation process. Remember that your consumers are people. People love to interact with other people. Tailoring your business communications in a real conversational, engaging voice will definitely help you build trust and connection between your brand and consumers.

2. Seek and act on feedback

Feeling heard is a powerful experience. One that takes great strides in showing consumers how much you value and respond to what they want. For the me-focussed consumer, being asked for their opinion speaks volumes about your brand creation is built around their individual proclivities, lifestyle and choices. So proactively seek feedback at brand creation stage and well beyond.

Gathering customer feedback doesn’t have to be complicated. Even just a quick survey or online review request is enough to get you insightful feedback from consumers who are interacting with your brand and product. Don’t forget that many prospective customers scour online reviews of your brand and business to decide whether to choose your product or company. Feedback really can pay dividends in both your brand and ongoing business growth.

3. Service your customers to the maximum

Open, transparent and honest service is the way to your customers’ heart. When you want your brand creation process to lead to enhanced customer trust, be sure to pay lots of attention to your service. Thrill your customers with responsive up-front service that always delivers on your promise. Don’t forget to reward your customers every now and again too.

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