Bonds V4 | Australia

Next Generation Store Design

How to keep an iconic 100-year-old heritage brand young?

The objective with this latest V4 design is to create an in-store experience that is distinctively Bonds. Of course we are always asked to create spaces that are operationally efficient and cost effective, but the true focus is to capture the brand spirit and the essence of Bonds. To strengthen the emotional connection between brand and customer, balancing retail evolution with heritage values. Bonds is always at the heart of Aussie wardrobes. The vision is to be the most loved Australian brand.

When a brand is so loved, where do you start? DC took a look back at the core brand values to drive the design insights. We were also invited to delve into the archives and draw inspiration from the rich history that is Bonds dating back to 1915. To forge forward, we stepped back in time.

We created a retail experience that connects with the Aussie customer. We elevated the fitting room experience, introduced storytelling, easier ways to shop across the collection, with cheeky chat and a reminder that Bonds has been appealing to a broad customer spectrum from 8 seconds to 80 years, for more than a century, and is here to stay young!