Olympic Dam & Roxby Downs Mining Villages for Sodexo

Canteen design, dining hall, indoor trees

Vision for a new hospitality experience requiring flex for FIFO staff and resident base

Design Clarity presented schemes for Sodexo to create a new design concept for all the hospitality spaces across the two mining villages.

The scope included:

• 2 x dining halls with self-serve stations (500 to 1100 capacity flex)

• Side cafe secondary dining and lounge

• Let’s do lunch – Crib / grab’n’go space

• Aspretto Espresso bar

• Retail space with 24/7 service model

• 2 x outdoor dining areas

• Latitude 30º Tavern & beergarden (capacity 540)

Our design concept aims to elevate the hospitality experience, encourage interaction within the community and create a sense of pride. The design language is inspired by the raw surrounding environment and provides an earthy, natural and inviting atmosphere.


In the design of the dining room the team took into consideration the behaviours identified in the supplied consumer feedback, offering an enhanced and diverse design solution:

• Reducing the queuing by giving customers multiple choices, so they could choose the queue size that suited them and taking into account the waste issues created by the uneaten food that was discarded.

• Changing the seating arrangement to improve circulation past the food.

• Providing improved access to the service area to more of the seating.

• Adding cutlery and condiments at the entrances into the seating area.

Canteen design, coffee place, seating area around a tree
canteen design, hot drinks bar, buffet counter and grab and go displays
Outdoor dining concept design, picnic bench, circular seating area
Tavern concept design, timber, diner tables, bar.