People’s Choice Credit Union | Australia

Anti-bank Hits the High Note in Innovative High Street Banking

Visiting the bank has traditionally been met with loathing. So Design Clarity turned the whole banking experience on its head by delivering the ‘anti-bank’. The People’s Choice Credit Union flagship store achieved prime responsive store design and nothing less than a complete 360° from classical banking.

Visionary retail bank design split the banking environment into three inspired precincts: personal, communal and social, yes, social. After all, departing from ‘banking as we know it’ meant creating an environment that people want to be in. So with inspired touches like real money trees, inviting communal tables, coffee machines and even iPads for the kids, it’s small wonder that the social strip is a great ‘place to be’.

Yet of course functionality lies at the heart of every high street banking experience. So in true anti-bank style, the communal strip is geared to allow and enhance conversation. Teller and foreign exchange desks are easily accessible and welcoming. There’s even comfy booth seating for semi-private meetings. All of this is tied together by smart cohesive use of brand colours and physical expression of the anti-bank’s fresh approach to communication.