Bank branch engagement: more than just a buzz term

Is your lending institution on board with bank branch engagement? If not, you are missing valuable customer engagement opportunities. If so, now is the perfect opportunity to make sure your bank branch engagement strategies are hitting peak performance. Here are four reasons why:

1.Conversation is key

Digital technology has taken customer convenience to exciting new heights. Shuffling money around between accounts or checking account balances has never been easier. But when it comes to talking over complex lending or substantive service requirements, nothing beats a good old fashioned conversation. An online chatbot or even a phone call does not replace face-to-face contact. Modern consumers may be making the most of swift easy digital interactions but they absolutely do not want to lose the personal touch with their bank. So exclusive in-person conversations at the branch is a vital aspect of bank branch engagement.

2. Wealth management advice is best delivered in person

Investors will always need to engage closely with their bank. Again, while digitisation has transformed bank patrons’ expectations, investment is a highly personal and complex subject. Investors link their lifestyle, financial security and retirement to their investment portfolio so they take investment advice seriously. Bank branch engagement requires lenders to recognise that investors still prefer in-person interactions at their branch when it comes to investment advice.

3. Financial goals tailored face to face

How well does your lending institution understand the individual needs of its customers? Customer experience underpins leading bank branch engagement so lenders who offer differentiated offerings and superior quality service are bound to be top performers. Compelling insightful customer interactions are pure gold when it comes to building loyalty and connecting customers with additional financial services that match their individual needs. There is no substitute for face-to-face interactions with your customers to understand their needs and tailor financial services to fit.

4. New accounts and cards

Most bank patrons favour digital channels to check and manage their accounts. In fact, the new trend is 100% digital on-boarding as part of the branch transformation strategy in many banks.

So what does all this tell us? Clearly today’s bank patrons want the best of both worlds: seamless digital convenience together with the security and personalisation of face-to-face in-branch interaction. Successful bank branch engagement must recognise this and ensure that exclusive in-person interaction remains a fundamental part of the service mix. Here is where design is so important. Customers will bring a variety of needs to the branch like swift money exchange and deposit, opening new accounts or cards and seeking comprehensive investment advice. Bank branches must be designed in order to provide swift and seamless satisfaction of all these requirements. Design Clarity has an impressive portfolio of financial services design to support premium branch engagement. Projects include: