Go Green and Eat It, Too: Creating an Eco-Friendly Restaurant Design

Being eco-friendly isn’t merely a trend; it’s an increasingly popular way to build a sense of community, have positive brand recognition and promote sustainability while still having an eco-friendly restaurant design. Since eating out is such an integral part of our lives, it only makes sense to design your restaurant to complement these ‘go green’ efforts.

Eco-Friendly Restaurant Design

Eco-friendly restaurant interior design is also about increasing brand loyalty and health-conscious consumers and, very importantly, using sustainable materials and techniques that reduce exposure to toxic substances. Here are a few tricks from your design experts at Design Clarity:


One of the major benefits of going green is that it cuts down on costs by using more sustainable lighting and ventilation. We took advantage of using psyche-boosting sunlight at Nando’s Newmarket where plenty of natural lighting flows in and creates geometric shadow shapes throughout the restaurant. LED light fixtures and light sensors are two other options. LED lights not only last longer, but they’re much more cost-effective. Use light sensors in areas that are occasionally used, like restrooms and refrigerators.

Hazard Free Materials

Ditch the plastic as much as possible. Instead, use recycled wood, cork and bamboo to create an eco-friendly ambience. Use concrete flooring, brick walls, sustainable wood furniture and flooring and consider 100% cotton or wool for your upholstery instead of synthetic fabrics. Hazard free materials can not only add a breath of rustic elegance, but customers take note of the visual textures and uniqueness of each piece, adding to your brand following.

Natural Walls

Adding natural wall décor to your eco-friendly restaurant interior design can be done with bamboo, grasscloth, rice paper, and brick art. Turn it into a geometric work of art with wood planks, seashells or other pieces of nature. Living walls help to not only brighten the area up, but it emits more life and a fresh atmosphere.

If you’re ready for an eco-friendly restaurant, interior design then give our expert design team a call at Design Clarity. Meanwhile, take a browse through some of our ‘go green’ restaurant designs from our portfolio: