Go Green with Sustainable Restaurant Design

More and more customers are choosing restaurants that follow a green path. That’s why sustainable restaurant design is gaining serious momentum, and the foodservice industry is hailing experienced design companies like Design Clarity to help them get them to create an environment that oozes and beams with green energy.

When creating your restaurant design, you want your space to embody your brand’s identity and become a memorable and addictive customer experience. The only way that’s going to happen is to team up with a savvy and super-knowledgeable agency like Design Clarity who has first-hand knowledge in sustainable restaurants design.

Combining minimalism and environmentalism is key to emitting a sustainable air. This means having clean lines, sustainably chosen furniture, and environmentally-friendly materials and fixtures. Plenty of live plants and as much natural lighting as possible gives it a clean, fresh feel while also incorporating brand personality.

LED lighting technology is another essential go green addition. LED lighting has numerous benefits, including its incredible cost savings and it’s environmentally friendly.

Using refurbished items gives space plenty of character while suggesting a sustainable and functional air. Using refurbished furniture and materials as we did at Din Tai Fung in Sydney’s Central Park DC. One of the most Instagram-worthy spots along this row is the authentic hawker-style bike cart filled with strategically-placed bamboo dumpling boxes. The casual array of mix n’ match chairs offers an eclectic personality as do sustainably-harvested lumber or brick and stone walls.

If you’re ready to incorporate a sustainable restaurant design, contact our team at Design Clarity. Meanwhile, take a look through some of our green designs: