Nando’s Westfield | Sydney

Telling the story of the Afro-Portuguese origin

Every Nando’s restaurant we design takes us on an adventurous journey – and challenges our creativity to come up with something rebellious, authentic and in the spirit of the brand heritage. It must feel real and natural, not plastic and transient. We want people to wander around and explore all the thoughtful details that inspire and delight, giving the space life and soul. We want Nando’s customers to feel right at home.
Nando’s collaborates with local African crafters and artists curating distinctive pieces to tell the story of the Afro-Portuguese origin. We are also responsible for our design selection specifying materials from renewable resources. The timber is real. The colour is fresh. We hope to fit the Nando’s ethos where creative energy, passion, warmth and texture collide with authentic, seductive design.