Hotel restaurant design: Eat, Sleep, Experience: A New Approach

Eat, sleep, experience – at least that’s what people truly want in their hotel adventures now and what is most important to remember for hotel restaurant design. As a hotel, your job is to provide an environment that leaves a lasting impression for your customers, so they have memorable experiences and want to come back.

Hotel Restaurant Design

At Design Clarity, our motto is to eat, sleep design, and we are fully aware of two things: 1. You need a hotel restaurant design that will make your customers want to eat in, and 2. We know how to make that happen. Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

Focus on a niche

You can’t please everyone, but you can create an experience that most people won’t forget by focusing on a specific niche for your hotel restaurant design. Do a bit of research ahead of time and see what kind of food or atmosphere people would like to have, then work your plan around that, making it more Instagram-worthy.

Another thing to consider is having your breakfast location completely separate from your lunch and dinner restaurant. This will provide a unique experience, even if it is a much smaller space.

Embody ‘Isolated Togetherness’

Isolated togetherness is a collective term used to describe people who want to be a part of something, while also being separate from it. Including a bar in the restaurant allows people to eat alone while still feeling a part of the crowd. Also, having areas where people can have laptops without feeling isolated in their rooms. 

Sense of Community

Having a hotel restaurant design that also caters to and attracts local customers cultivates a sense of community and brand loyalty. Outside caterers or chefs opening up a restaurant in the hotel is becoming more popular and helps to bring in a wide range of customers. Allow for single-seating or communal seating for ‘isolated togetherness’ patrons and large groups of people.

Make your hotel restaurant design ultra-authentic and memorable by reaching out to our amazing design team at Design Clarity. Have a browse through some of our designs to get some ideas: