Fujisaki | Sydney

A transportive refined dining experience for Sydney

Lotus Dining’s latest lavish dining environment at Sydney’s Barangaroo – interiors and brand identity by Design Clarity. The 146-seater restaurant & bar takes advantage of harbour views with outdoor/indoor seating and 3 private dining spaces. The Fujisaki experience is centred on nurturing, generosity and integrity.

Design for Fujisaki was initiated with a brand workshop where 4 creative principles were defined in collaboration with the client and design team:

Authenticity – the selection of natural and refined materials representing both traditional and contemporary Japanese culture and culinary language – expressed using stone, water, timber and fire.

Quality – of both the environment and the cuisine, to provide a transportive experience with traditional rituals, food theatre and ceremony.

Innovation – the kitchen aims to translate traditional forms of cooking into a refined contemporary artform, with the robata grill and raw bar as centrepiece to the space.

Respect – capturing the essence of an age-old culture reinterpreted for relevancy within a premium Sydney city waterfront site.

The signature touchpoints, architectural details and the use of materiality are vital to encourage a sense of escapism and expression of the cultural fusion of Fujisaki. Design Clarity introduced a collaboration with Keiko Matsui, a Japanese Australian artist and ceramicist who creates refined sculptural porcelain artpieces, which sit alongside the succulents and living bonsai in the different dining spaces.