New school pub design

New school pub design recognises pubs as vibrant community hubs where patrons come to meet, enjoy great food and drink and soak up rich inviting ambiance. That is a lot for pub owners to capitalise on. All it takes is smart design and strategy to draw people out of the comfort of their own homes and into your pub. This type of design infuses your establishment with:

  • Multi-purpose spaces: the more you offer, the longer your patrons will stay. Consider Mount Annan Hotel as an example. Design Clarity is working with Mount Annan Hotel to deliver features like a VIP gaming room, gaming bar, new bistro, sports bar & lounge, new bottle shop, beer garden and outdoor dining terrace. Punters and patrons alike can come in, have a flutter, watch live games and stay for meals, drinks, even meetings. This is the patron journey and experience that new school pub design can help you achieve
  • Make food a main event: cuisine can give gaming a run for its money when it comes to delighting patrons. New school pub design places food offerings as the key player in pub appeal. Think top chefs, impressive meals and reasonable prices
  • Green spaces and sustainable appeal: a powerful way to connect with your patrons is through inviting outdoor spaces, like beer gardens and green spaces. Bright with natural light, beautiful reflections of the local environment, not a spot of old school dingy pub in sight. 

New school pub design is the classroom in which next generation patron appeal is mastered. When it comes to pioneering new school pub design, Design Clarity are standout leaders. Speak to this talented team today or check out their portfolio of recent works including: