Corbett & Claude | Sydney

A Relaxed Convivial Atmosphere to share Food & Conversation

Corbett & Claude opens their first site in Sydney. The space is light-filled and airy with loads of texture and character to give Sydneysiders a warm welcome to the Queensland originated brand. There’s a laid back casual air with an element of urban sophistication expressed through the detailing.

A mosaic patterned frontage invites guests under the mantra Bar.Pizza.Share and is repeated through the interior with floor stencilling, tiled tabletops and in decorative planters outside the restaurant. The furniture has an industrial aesthetic balanced with the warmth of copper and the rawness of mild steel in the overhead bar framework.

Beer taps have an honest appeal piercing straight through the wall from the coolroom beyond. The suspended pendants around the glazed perimeter have a dual function as both succulent planters & ambient lighting. There’s a central hero table that can be booked for groups, and the geometric tiled tops are also reflected in the glass facade facing the street and back onto the mall.

The overall look is eclectic and the upfront galvanised domed pizza oven rules over the restaurant, enticing diners who are there to gather and share a genuine foodie experience.

We recommend trying the prosciutto & fig pizza!