The Future of Workplace Design, Part 1: Flexible Workspaces

Whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert or somewhere in between, a flexible workplace design offers a little something for everyone’s workplace needs. As companies start to move away from the open space work environment, future-focused companies are reaching towards interior design that will engage all types of people.

Design Clarity is changing the face of traditional work environments with flexible workspace designs that are aesthetically pleasing and functional: a combination of open space for collaboration and enclosed work areas for individual focus. Three things to keep in mind when you’re redesigning are:

1. Architectural elements

Experts at Design Clarity found that it’s important to include staff comfort into the architectural design process. When we partnered with People’s Credit Union, we designed a new branch concept that emphasises open, engaging spaces that sparks more conversation and connects clients and staff better. Comfort is reflected in freshly modern lines and angles, comfortable and inclusive seating and the ability to move around with ease. For your architectural elements and ensuring employee satisfaction, we can help you make staff comfort and priority.

2. Adaptable furniture

Allowing your employees freedom and satisfaction to rearrange furniture to meet their needs gives them more autonomy and ownership of their skills and sense of community. This requires using mobile furniture instead of bulky, heavy equipment.

3. Workplace design technology

Remember that power and technology need to be easily accessible. Extended battery life on most modern technology allows employees and customers to work for longer periods without needing a plug. But when they do need a recharge, consider adding charging stations into the mobile furniture. We used this concept when we reinvented the People’s Choice Credit Union branch. We met our objective by turning it into a welcoming and alluring environment for the Millennials and Gen Z groups, while also making it adaptable as their digital capability grows.

If you’re ready to create a flexible workplace design for your company, speak with leading design company Design Clarity on how to make it happen. Take a look at what we have achieved with other businesses such as:

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