Restaurant transformations are on the menu

Restaurant transformations are on the menu for 2018, driven by several key market trends. Opportunities a-plenty lie within this fabric of change. To capitalise on such opportunities, you need to be across restaurant transformations trends for the coming year. It is a bold new world with a host of exciting emergences.

Making a meal out of Millennials: increased frequency in dining out can be a gift-horse for restaurants. What a magnificent opportunity the Millennials market presents – but to snare your corner of this market, you will likely have to turn your mind to restaurant transformations. Millennials dine out two or three times more than any other generation to date, but they are also more discerning. Millennials relish trying out new eateries and yearn for genuine experiences that really resonate with them. Think past merely amazing food towards crafting an entire memorable experience. One that ‘trigger-happy’ Millennials will share enthusiastically online.

Storytelling begets experiences: feeding off the Millennial appetite for memorable dining experiences, modern restaurant transformations make experiences a cornerstone for all. Here is where storytelling can fasten your restaurant firmly in the mind of Millennials and other key consumer groups. Be sure to tailor your story to your audience. Restaurant transformations can be achieved on the strength of the stories with which you infuse your diners’ experiences. Tease out all the factors that make your restaurant unique: where you source your produce, the experience of your chef, what inspires your restaurant theme and much more. Social media is bound together by a host of stories so get yours shared in full living colour.

Get social media on your side: Instagram could be the difference between whether you get Millennials’ bums on seats or not. Millennials adore trying places for new experiences. Engrossing photos of food, décor and other happy Millennial consumers at your establishment can work wonders in wooing this influential market through your doors. Here is where Instagram can really shine. Instagram is a treasure trove of scrumptious food photos and interior design style, and your restaurant needs to have every backdrop or vista as an Insta-worthy talking point. These do more than simply whet the appetite of dining-out aficionado Millennials. Rather, such photos are so often the decider as to whether Millennials will come to dine. More and more Millennials are turning to Instagram to select where to eat and what to eat when they get there. Target your restaurant to align closely with your desired consumers’ habits, proclivities, rituals and more to achieve a truly Instagrammable restaurant. This is the stuff successful restaurant transformations are made of.

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