Sushi Hon Izakaya

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Design Clarity creates authentic Izakaya laneway dining experience in the Streets of Barangaroo

Design Clarity has partnered with hospitality group Sushiroll to deliver an immersive dining experience branded Sushi Hon Izakaya at their latest laneway location in Sydney’s Barangaroo development. Izakaya roughly translated is a Japanese bar or tavern offering snacks together with drinking.

Located in Scotch Row, one of the city-facing Streets of Barangaroo, this new design for the Sushi Hon group is actually three mini-concepts within one. The narrow linear nature of the space led to an easy division into three equal zones. As you approach from the city end, there’s a Ramen Bar indoor/outdoor dining zone with a distinct laneway vibe.

Artist Shannon Crees worked with Design Clarity to develop a brief for the Ramen Bar wall mural, exploring various compositions and colourways. The final creative output by Shannon is dramatic and mesmerising. There’s an energetic vibrancy that entices you in. The jewel-like strategic lighting overlaid along the portrait adds an extra dimension to the art.

The Ramen Bar is inspired by Tokyo nightscape with mirrored and illuminated ceilings, graffiti mural, perimeter bar seating for singles, and a crazystone pathway in the floor. The smoked mirrored bulkhead plays with visual illusion in an effort to amplify the tiny volume of the space.

The second concept is the central Sushi Bar area. This zone is for those who wish to linger a little longer and enjoy the atmosphere. There’s a more subdued and minimal materials selection of natural timber and a polished concrete floor. The intent is more a refined casual elegance for a dine-in experience during day or night. The stamped graphics on reclaimed timber add authenticity and subtle texture, leaving the delicate art on the plate to remain the true hero of the space.

The third concept is at the opposite end, offering walk-up take-away hawker-style sushi to go. Two timber-roofed sushi counter structures wheel out into the laneway to serve take-away customers. The wall behind showcases illuminated shelves displaying signature sake bottles from different regions of the country.

“One signature touchpoint synonymous with Sushi Hon restaurants is the tablet ordering system,” explains Kristina Hetherington, Managing Director at Design Clarity. “This ritual of ordering by personal iPad is accessible to every diner, and allows for instant gratification via technology!” Food orders are delivered straight to the kitchen without delay and wait time is minimal. Efficient service makes for happy diners.

The tasty Japanese menu on offer includes sushi and sashimi of course but also bento boxes, udon noodle bowls, share plates and the new food trend – poke salads. The sushi is made with Australian Koshihikari rice and crafted with a blend of traditional and modern methods to provide the finest possible sushi experience.  

Izakaya is Japan’s answer to pub life. In a friendly atmosphere, Sushi Hon’s range of Japanese beers, umeshu and sake cocktails make it a great spot for the casual after-work drink or bite.