Office Building Café Design: Build it and they will come

Coffee drinking is a global ritual! This deliciously aromatic bean has infused tradition and habit into the daily lives of billions of people. It’s used for ceremonial purposes, social interaction and for luring coffee lovers to participate in gatherings. With the increase of cafes as a meeting point before, during, and after work, business owners are taking notice while simultaneously finding new and proactive ways to retain excellent staff.

Office Building Café Design

Their answer? An office building café. By integrating a café within the office space, staff can purchase a cuppa, catch up with colleagues and grab a healthy bite without having to step out of the office building. Since this is seen as a huge asset to any office precinct, getting expert designers to help you maximise your office building space is crucial. Here are three invaluable options for incorporating an office building café design:

Hospitality on the Go

Pop-up style coffee bars are a great office building café design that leaves plenty of room for foot traffic. These types of cafes offer hospitality on the go while also allowing staff to slow down, take a breath and grab their favourite coffee brew. Make sure to have excellent café operators and baristas to handle heavy, fast-paced traffic, while also blending character and charisma to spark a little enthusiasm.

Sit Down and Stay Awhile

For an office building café design that allows for staff to sit down and relax, offer healthy pre-made sandwiches, cakes and desserts – and don’t forget the gluten-free and vegan options. Provide comfortable seating, connections to WiFi and battery charging stations. Offer tables that seat anywhere from one to ten, so it leaves the opportunity for coworkers to mingle.

Offer Options

Larger office buildings can offer several options, similar to an aesthetically-pleasing food court. A compact and attractive design like we did for Sabroso! or a healthy juice and smoothie café like a smaller version of Power of Health are unique varieties to include in your commercial building.

The keywords for any office building café design are attractive, efficient, sustainable and comfortable. If you are ready to incorporate this asset into your office precinct, contact our expert design team at Design Clarity. Take a look through some of our portfolio pieces to inspire your possibilities: