The Future of Workplace Design, Part 3: A Healthy State of Mind

Wellbeing is an enduring state of wellness that encompasses being happy, comfortable and healthy. This is one of the major goals of many employers for their staff, but how often does this dream become a reality?

Design experts at Design Clarity are well aware that the workspace itself can promote a sense of wellbeing, which in turn leads to productive, engaged and healthy employees. It’s essential to have a professional team to assist with creating such a workplace as well as having someone who knows how the wellness trends are affecting workplace design in general.

Here are three ways to create a workplace design for wellbeing, which will have a lasting impact on your staff’s performance.

It’s Not “Just Work”

The baby boomer generation mentality of having a ‘work only’ self at the office also meant that the whole person wasn’t considered… until now. The next generations have pushed the concept of not being just a walking set of skills and tasks, but instead, they present a more holistic version of themselves as more than being a part of the rat race. Your employees will feel more valued and connected when the workplace design is set up with their wellbeing in mind.

Meeting Spaces

Studies have shown that when a business provides a high-quality meeting space for its employees, performance, engagement and their overall wellbeing are greatly increased. Furnishings, lighting, technology and location are fundamental to creating meeting spaces that staff will actively enjoy using. On a different note, having private spaces are fundamental to allowing more internally driven employees to focus, take private calls or meditate.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

There is no doubt that wellness trends are having a huge effect on workplace design, and, in turn, how the workplace design affects your employee’s overall wellbeing. Health is a factor that new generations have insisted on being one of the most important aspects of the workplace design, and many businesses are putting this into practice. Healthy food options, wellness programs, sleep pods, green walls and supportive furniture are just a few realities that can make it a dream job. Multi-story buildings have opted for attractive staircases in the centre of the building to promote exercise, and adding numerous plants are notorious for reducing stress levels and increasing motivation.

If you’re interested in learning how you can create a work place designed for your employee’s wellbeing, contact Design Clarity today to see how our experts can help. Take a look through our amazing portfolio, showcasing businesses we’ve set on the path of wellbeing: