Designing for kids (not parents)

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Designing for kids (not parents)

We’ve just designed and opened a brand new concept for specialist retailer Florrie in Melbourne. This whimsical and dreamlike store was inspired by what is happening in children’s retail as well as our own imaginations and inspiration from the brand. Meanwhile, we have also been working with ‘Ruby Niks’ on their kids cafe space in […]

Expert Advice: How to Set-up a Food Business

Here at Design Clarity, we know and work with specialists from various fields. Faisal Haque, friend and associate of Design Clarity indulged us by giving us his ‘5 steps to set-up a food business’. For any start-up, his advice is golden. The following text is written by Faisal and explains how he started up his […]

New Concordia Wharf

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New Concordia Wharf

Design Clarity was approached early 2011 by a residential client offering an exciting opportunity to refurbish his riverside apartment. Located in a grade II listed 19th century grain warehouse on Mill Street, very close to the Design Museum, this warehouse building was the very first of this type of residential conversion in London’s Docklands in […]

Trend Watch- 2016

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Trend Watch- 2016

As a global design team, we read, explore and nose around to find the latest innovations to keep our work for our clients as future-proof as possible. Here are the trends that will become big this year. Retail Industry: First- technology – who didn’t get a piece of wearable tech this Christmas? Tech is everywhere. […]

Sustainability in the food industry

One of our core beliefs is that we will be sustainable as far and as much as possible. We try to eat food grown in our country and avoid plastic bags. Films and documentaries have been made to show how much fisherman have to throw away because the public is only used to eating a […]

All hail the anti-brand: new food for thought in restaurant chain roll-out

Great restaurant design is imperative in today’s dining climate. All those core factors on which restaurant brands used to compete still stand – yet they no longer stand alone. Restaurant design has joined the competitive points of location, cost and quality to spur a wide-reaching wave of restaurant chain roll out ‘anti-branding’. So what does the […]

Shopping Centres vs Department Stores

The battle between Shopping Centres and Department Stores- who do experience better? We have seen over the years how shopping centres have evolved from a collection of shops under one roof into a shopping experience. You can have a day out with the kids, go shopping, skiing, have a work-out or go to the cinema- […]

This Summer’s Serpentine Pop-Up

Created as an architectural experiment of materials by Spanish Architectural duo Jose Selgas & Lucia Cano, the bright transparent walls of this year’s Serpentine Pavilion clearly stand out within the spring greenery of Hyde Park. Liz & Eden from the London Studio went down to explore what the bright fuss was all about. edited The […]

EyeClarity named Australian Retail Innovator of 2015

We’re thrilled to share some news from one of our lovely clients, Eyeclarity. The Australian Retailers Association have just named them Australian 2015 Retail Innovator of the Year. This is a fantastic achievement, and no small feat with over 400 retailers in competition for the top spot. Read more about it here. Congratulations Eyeclarity, keep […]